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Transform Your Culture

“Strategy has no value if your culture and leadership mindset are wrong.”

– Tony Dovale


A 2015 Korn Ferry executive survey revealed that nearly three quarters of the executives surveyed said culture was extremely important to company performance. And yet in the same survey, only 32% reported that their organization’s culture is fully aligned to their business strategy. In other words, in nearly 70% of the companies surveyed, there was a disconnect between culture and strategy.

Too often a company’s strategy is at odds with the ingrained practices and attitudes of its culture. Company leaders may underestimate how much a strategy’s effectiveness depends on culture alignment. A strategy that is at odds with a company’s culture is doomed.

IES will help you design and implement a process to:

  • Create overall culture change strategy and plan—ensure alignment to company strategy implementation
  • Determine how aspirational culture is going to be nurtured and supported in the “people processes” of the organization
  • Ensure ongoing employee voice, buy-in, and feedback
  • Train leaders on proven strategies to uproot entrenched habits and execute change initiatives in teams and entire organizations
  • Establish key measures and metrics to assess progress

IES utilizes best practices for driving high-leverage, rapid, and sustainable organizational change that results in successful team and organizational initiatives, reduction in project errors, improved safety, and high employee engagement.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you build a plan to enhance your organization’s culture.