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Talent Strategy Development

“The best teams in the world have incredible talent, but they also have depth so they can readily adapt to change and adversity. In sports, they call this ‘bench strength.’”

– Russell Glass


With the complexity and urgency of issues like skill gaps or shortages, turnover, an aging workforce and changing business models, you need a way to develop and implement a workforce plan that is agile and dynamic enough to help your organization thrive in today’s constantly changing environment.

Working through the strategic lens of organizational development, IES experts work with company leaders to assess and identify the key business drivers and organizational goals to help you develop a talent strategy to engage and empower individuals and leaders to drive organizational success.

Our expertise includes:

  • More than 20 years in organizational development, facilitating strategic planning and cultural transformation

Sectors served include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Small Businesses
  • Government
  • Education

Tailored Solutions

IES provides custom solutions that fit your needs— when and where you need it. Contact us to learn more about how we can bring this solution to your company.