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All In Culture

Build A High Performance Culture

What is All In Culture?

Based on a global 300,000-person research study of high-performance organizations conducted by The Culture Works, All In Training takes leaders through a 7-step process to build a profitable, winning work-group culture where employees give that extra push of effort that leads to outstanding results. With All In Culture, leaders will:

  • Connect every employee’s job to the vision, strategy and purpose of the organization.
  • Diagnose breakdowns in communication and accountability.
  • Develop skills to enhance agility, adapt to change and drive innovation.

The All In Culture 7 Step Model

Who Needs All In Culture Training?

This workshop is designed for supervisors, managers, and executives of all levels who want to define and create a unifying team culture, learn vital leadership skills and inspire a new level of commitment and performance in their work groups.

On-Site Training

To meet your unique needs, IES offers on-site, tailored training programs. By hosting a training specific to your organization, we can tailor the timing and content of the workshop to support key business drivers and initiatives. On-site training increases accessibility to allow more of your staff to participate. In addition, the training is delivered just-in-time—when you and your team are ready!

Contact us today to learn how IES can support your talent and organizational development needs.


All In Culture® is a registered trademark of The Culture Works, L.C. NC State Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) is a licensed associate of The Culture Works, L.C.