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What Motivates Me

Do your employees noticeably lack motivation? Are you having trouble jumping-starting projects and meeting deadlines on time? What Motivates Me is a 1-day training program designed to reduce employee turnover and increase job satisfaction. Motivation is a huge factor in employee engagement and productivity. Knowing your employees better means knowing your organization better.

What is “What Motivates Me” training?

The word motivation is derived from Latin word movere which means, “to move”. In order for your organization to move forward, all of your organization’s employees must be motivated to accomplish the same mission. External motivation is fleeting and short-term. What Motivates Me engagement training teaches you how to pinpoint and unlock someone’s intrinsic motivators, allowing them to not only experience a steady boost in productivity but actually enjoy their job.

Organizational benefits of What Motivates Me Training include:

  • Engagement: Ability to understand individual employees intrinsic motivation triggers and use them to help career and organizational growth
  • Alignment: Combine employee motivations with your organization’s vision and mission
  • Teamwork: Everyone on your team has unique talents and purpose. Harness each individual’s ability for a more well-rounded and cohesive team
  • Career Development: Hold meaningful, aspirational conversations to help employees build career paths and learn and grow

Who is the training for?

Crafted for supervisors, managers, and executives of all levels who want to unlock the full potential of their team, What Motivates Me Engagement Training is especially suited for groups struggling with subpar employee engagement levels or those facing talent retention and development challenges.

On-Site Training

To meet your unique needs, IES offers on-site, tailored training programs. By hosting a training specific to your organization, we can tailor the timing and content of the workshop to support key business drivers and initiatives. On-site training increases accessibility to allow more of your staff to participate. In addition, the training is delivered just-in-time; when you and your team are ready!

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What Motivates Me® is a registered trademark of The Culture Works, L.C. NC State Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) is a licensed associate of The Culture Works, L.C.