Executive Peer Councils

Executive Peer Councils aim to help leaders of manufacturing organizations take their business to the next level. Executive Peer Councils provide leaders the opportunity to seek advice from trusted peers with similar challenges to help them test, shape and balance planning the future while acting decisively and aggressively in the present. This peer perspective and access to “been there, done that” provides leaders a unique opportunity to think strategically, enterprise-wide and beyond the day-to-day operational focus. Members share mutual advisor roles and hold each other accountable.

Each Council is comprised of 10 to 12 executive leaders from manufacturing companies. These same 10-12 individuals come together monthly for half days to share challenges and to seek and provide each other feedback in a facilitated environment.  Speakers are brought into Council meetings to provide information on topics as selected by the Council members. Council members also tour other manufacturing facilities. Each Council’s agenda is driven by the specific Council members to meet their unique needs.

How to Join an Executive Peer Council

Executive Peer Councils are open to presidents, CEOs and key decision-makers of manufacturing companies in North Carolina.

Annual cost is $4,000 and includes:

  • 12 facilitated meetings per year with speakers and/or tours of manufacturing facilities
  • follow-up and research to meet the needs of the Council
  • tailored programs to meet the needs and interests of the Council
  • breakfast and lunch at each meeting

Manufacturing Makes It Real Network (MMIRN) Members receive a 25% discount.

Multiple Council participants from the same company receive a 25% discount on additional participants. Participants from the same company will be placed in different Councils to help ensure the candor and dynamic interchange of the group.

Prospective members are invited to try Executive Peer Councils for free with a trial membership of 2 months. Contact your Regional Manager to learn more.

Success of Executive Peer Councils

To learn more about how Executive Peer Councils can benefit you and your organization, visit our MEP counterpart in Minnesota who have conducted successful CEO Councils for more than a decade.