Lean Improvement Councils

Lean is a continuous and long-term process of improvement, often described as a “journey” to identify and eliminate activities that do not create value for the customer. However, it’s a journey you don’t have to take alone anymore. Join a Lean Improvement Council!

Lean Improvement Councils are regional groups of manufacturers created to offer:

  • A unique chance to see continuous improvement in action
  • A constant exchange of best practices
  • Access to constructive and timely feedback from peers
  • An opportunity to build relationships within industries with continuous improvement peers
  • A mechanism to sustain improvement activities

Our events consist of a facility presentation on recent improvement projects, a factory tour to showcase the improvements in action, and then a focused, but open discussion to further highlight successes and opportunities. Recent event topics at locations like Flextronics, Novartis Vaccines and Grede have included: single piece flow receiving, visual scheduling, pull replenishment, takt times, ergonomics, 5S, a kaizen “toolbox” and linear integration.

Currently we have Councils growing in the Charlotte, Raleigh and Western NC (Asheville) markets and are always looking for expansion opportunities.

How to Join a Lean Improvement Council

Membership is open to all NC manufacturers but is subject to acceptance by current Lean Improvement Council members.

A strong candidate must:

  • Have previously begun a Lean journey
  • Be willing to host events and participate in events at other plants
  • Not be a direct competitor of a current member
  • Agree not to disclose proprietary observations outside the Council
  • Pay an annual membership fee

The annual amount to join a Lean Improvement Council is $1,000 per company and $500 per each additional plant owned by the same parent company.  Each membership entitles a company to 2 “seats” per Lean Improvement Council event, with the option to purchase 2 additional seats at half of the joining fee.

Manufacturing Makes It Real Network (MMIRN) Members receive a 50% discount to join.

Prospective members are invited to try Lean Improvement Councils for free (with no obligations) with a two-month trial membership. Contact your Regional Manager to learn more or join today!