RALEIGH – Today the Polymers Center of Excellence (PCE), in conjunction with the North Carolina State University Industry Expansion Solutions, announced a new certificate program, the Manager of Plastics Processing (MPP). The MPP Certificate program is the only one of its kind in the United States, and sets standards for establishing and demonstrating technical expertise in the field of injection molding.

The MPP Certificate Program was developed by PCE and IES in response to the manufacturing sector’s need for highly qualified plastics professionals. Professionals who are awarded the Certificate are able to establish their credentials, while their employers may enjoy increased workplace safety and decreased risk of damage to expensive machinery, owing to their highly skilled machine operators.

According to Phil Mintz, Associate Executive Director of NC State Industry Expansion Solutions, the plastics industry is the third largest manufacturing segment in the US. “Despite the size of the industry, educational programs for employees in plastics have, until now, been limited,” says Mintz. “The MPP Certificate program was designed to develop both core and advanced competencies in the field.”

The program is divided into two parts: the Injection Molding Manager of Plastics Processing (IM-MPP) and the Advanced Injection Molding Manager of Plastics Processing (AIM-MPP).

The IM-MPP certificate is a self-paced, well-rounded program aimed directly at the issues affecting molding operations. Participants complete the required 126 hours of coursework and projects at their own pace, and may take up to five years to finish the program.

Participants can earn an AIM-MPP certificate by completing two extra courses consisting of 130 additional hours. On average, an applicant may complete the advanced certificate program in an additional three years, but not to exceed four years.


Media Contact: Teresa Bradford, Director of Marketing, Teresa_Bradford@ncsu.edu


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