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Innovation Engineering Workshop

Innovation Engineering Workshop

CHARLOTTE – NC State Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) Manager of Business Growth and Innovation Services Kevin Grayson led an Innovation Engineering Workshop at the IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference & Expo on May 4.

During the workshop, Grayson introduced workshop participants to the five phases of the I/E process, which aim to help a company develop offerings that are “meaningfully unique.” Grayson urged participants to begin with an ideation phase, in which a group brainstorms new ideas. The group then delves deeper, fully defining each idea and uncovering potential obstacles to its success. Next, a prototype is developed and assessed, and then finally the new product is delivered to market.

After hearing Grayson’s presentation, participants were interested to discover whether the IE method could be applied to other areas of innovation, i.e. process innovation and innovating services; Grayson said he believes that the steps are the same.

Grayson’s biggest takeaway tip was a strategy that attendees could apply immediately in their own companies: “To improve and increase team creativity, maximize team diversity and stimulus,” Grayson emphasized.

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