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Manufacturing Network Brings Supply Chains Home

Sanford-based manufacturer Mertek designs and builds all kinds of machines. Its clients are other manufacturers around the world, who in turn use those machines to produce products ranging from cosmetics to vodka, intake manifolds to sprinkler systems.

Designer Kirk Pedley, Manufacturing Manager Kevin Pedley and President Jerry Pedley have seen the manufacturing landscape change dramatically in recent years. The company has adapted by embracing new technologies like robotics and 3D printing to meet the demands of their sophisticated customers. As the company’s capabilities continue to expand, Jerry Pedley is always looking for new ways to communicate them to both existing and potential customers.

Two of the machines Mertek is currently building are destined for facilities in India; another two will be shipped to Italy. But in recent years, a number of finished products have been bound for local manufacturers, thanks in part to Mertek’s membership in the Manufacturing Makes It Real Network.

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