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The Sustainability ConsortiumRALEIGH –The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), the organization that develops sustainability scorecards for business and industry, has accepted North Carolina State University as its newest member. NC State is only the third university globally to be accepted as a member of the Consortium, and its delegates will help drive the development of the organization’s metrics and measures going forward.

“TSC is looking to leverage the unique expertise of NC State as a land grant university and as a part of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership Network,” says Anna Mangum, of NC State University Industrial Extension Services. “We are in the position to educate and disseminate information about these scorecards and strategies to improve them across the North American supply chain.”

TSC scorecards measure efforts like energy efficiency, waste practices, and adherence to global labor laws, in an effort to drive sustainability through the supply chain. Retail giant Walmart has relied on TSC scorecards since 2012; according to the company’s website, the program has reached more than 700 of its largest merchandising categories, a substantial portion of its business, with its TSC-produced Sustainability Index.

Charlie Parrish, an IES improvement specialist with experience in coaching suppliers through scorecard compliance, says that businesses that embrace sustainable processes may gain an advantage over their competitors through increased marketability to corporations like Walmart.

“Manufacturers who use IES expertise to establish a high sustainability score will streamline the buying process and increase the chances that their products are available on Walmart shelves,” says Parrish.

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