Renew OSHA Outreach Trainer Authorization

OSHA Outreach Trainer Update Courses

HAS YOUR TRAINER CARD EXPIRED or is it EXPIRING SOON? Register for your update class now! Classes fill quickly, do not delay.


OSHA allows trainers a 90-day grace period from the four-year expiration date to successfully complete the update class. The 90-day grace period is designed to allow for unexpected circumstances like course cancellations, illness, and other unavoidable obligations. During the grace period, the trainer is unable to conduct Outreach training and receive student course completion cards. Please note that extensions to the grace period will not be granted.

If the trainer does not successfully complete the update class within 90-days of the expiration date, the trainer is no longer an authorized Outreach trainer and must complete a trainer course (including meeting all prerequisite requirements) to become an authorized Outreach trainer.


OSHA 502
Construction Update

OSHA 500
Construction Trainer Course

OSHA 503
General Industry Update

OSHA 501
General Industry Trainer Course

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