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May 2020 | Issue 26

A resource for continuous improvement in safety and health from the Southeastern OTI Education Center. Stay up-to-date with health and safety, OSHA, HazMat and HAZWOPER news, courses and events.

Take Note

A Letter from the Director


Our team recognizes the unique circumstances we are facing and craves a sense of normalcy and regular connections with each other and with you. While the outcomes are still a bit uncertain, we are committed to assisting employers in preventing exposures to, and infection with, the evolving coronavirus pandemic. 

 As you are caring for your workplace, your family and your community, please take a moment to consider a few resources to take care of yourself:

Wishing you well,

Wendy Laing


A Memo from OSHA

OSHA has provided some information about required training being impacted by COVID-19. We’ve highlighted an important sentence:

“In instances where an employer is unable to comply with OSHA-mandated training, audit, assessment, inspection, or testing requirements because local authorities required the workplace to close, the employer should demonstrate a good faith attempt to meet the applicable requirements as soon as possible following the re-opening of the workplace.”

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Our Blog

MESHage: Greek Philosophy, COVID-19 and Safety Professionals

A well-deserved shout-out to 2020 for reminding us of a not-so-famous Greek philosopher, Heraclitis. It was around 500 BC when he famously suggested that the only thing constant is change…

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Trainer Toolbox for May 2020


  • Fall Prevention Stand-Down Delayed 
  • OSHA Outreach Training Program
  • Safe + Sound Week 2020
  • COVID-19 Quick Tip Videos

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Focus On: Mental Health in the Era of COVID-19

Negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have become front and center and are covered frequently by the national news. But, there are other negative effects that aren’t talked about much or as easy to quantify…

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