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It’s no secret that workplace injuries are expensive for employers. According to the Liberty Mutual 2021 Workplace Safety Index, overexertion involving outside sources (handling objects), other exertion or bodily reactions (awkward postures) and repetitive movements cost businesses over 19.67 billion dollars a year.

The science of ergonomics is dedicated to eradicating and minimizing the sources of workplace injuries.

The implementation of effective ergonomics results in increased productivity, a financial savings with fewer worker compensation claims, reduced work-related musculoskeletal disorders that lead to less absenteeism and fewer lost workdays. Ergonomics programs provide a healthier work culture which improves employee job satisfaction that will reduce turnover in labor.

NC State University Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) is collaborating with the NC State University Ergonomics Center to provide beneficial ergonomic training.

Consulting Services

  • Workstation Design
  • Hand Tool Design & Selection
  • Manual Material Handling (MMH)
  • Strength Limits (grip, torque)
  • Manufacturability, Usability, Serviceability
  • Cart & Caster Design 
  • Environmental

On-site* Training Offerings

  • Ergonomics Team Training (3-days)
  • Ergonomics for Engineers (2 to 3-days)
  • Leadership Awareness Training (2-hrs.)
  • Employee Awareness Training (0.5-1 hr.)
  • ErgoTASK (1-3 day Kaizen event)
  • Stressor Stroll: Eyes on Ergonomics (4 or 8 hours)
  • Customized Offerings

*All training is available on-site and virtually

Workshops are offered by the center and are available on-site and virtually.

The centers’ ergonomists are masters-level engineers and board-certified professional ergonomists, with over 100 combined years of experience. 

Each service is customized to meet your organization’s specific ergonomic needs and corporate goals.

The Benefits of Ergonomics