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The foundation of any successful grants program is a solid needs assessment. What is your current situation, as opposed to the ideal? What plan of action would allow you to best move from one state to the other?

A needs assessment should be objective and impartial; it should also be grounded in research, primarily from data collection and analysis and a review of current literature.

Our team of trained researchers can help to refine and focus the needs assessment process, creating a well-researched proposal for funding that clearly identifies the impact that the program you plan to implement will have in the real world. This proven process enables the strongest possible grant application, with specific, attainable, relevant and measurable goals.

The grants team at IES leverages all of the academic and professional resources of a major research institution for the benefit of your grants program. Grounded solidly in data and current theory, our approach truly offers your organization the best foundation for your proposal narrative.

To speak with someone to discuss your unique needs or to receive more information about our grant needs assessment solutions, contact us today.