Demand for grant funding continues to exceed supply, and as a result, awards have become increasingly difficult to win. It is important to not only identify the best grant opportunities, but also produce high-quality, compelling proposals that win a higher volume of grants.

Including highly qualified, experienced and accomplished grant writers in the development of your proposal can give you a decisive competitive edge.

We offer both technical assistance and leadership in research, program design and grant proposal writing. Our level of involvement is based on your unique needs and capacities; our services range from assisting your grant writing team with editing and review, to leading and coordinating the entire endeavor.

Unique to grant writing services, we develop:

  • Grant funding research reports and recommendations
  • Proposal development management plans and guidance
  • Reviews, edits and unbiased assessments of proposal viability
  • Evaluation designs (often requested by funders) to measureprogram success
  • Partnerships across NC State University that match interests and complement the proposal
  • Grant writing capacity building to enable long-term self-sufficiency

Our advantage is based upon our broad range of experience and adaptability to various needs. We offer:

  • Extensive knowledge of high-quality program development, administration and evaluation
  • Unparalleled experience with data collection and analysis
  • Demonstrated adaptability to develop grant proposals in various fields
  • Demonstrated success in acquiring grant funds, with collective experience of $60+ million
  • Experience developing large, multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional grant proposals


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