Including highly qualified, experienced and accomplished grant writers in the development of your proposal can give you a decisive edge when competing for funding.

As demand for grant funding continues to exceed supply, awards have become increasingly competitive to win. It is important to identify the best grant opportunities and produce high-quality, compelling proposals that win a higher volume of grants.

Whether you have won multiple grants or none at all, finding opportunities and writing proposals are time-consuming endeavors. Due diligence requires thorough exploratory research to determine the full details and implications of grant submissions. Writing proposals requires attention to parameters, coordinating the efforts of a team, and balancing the needs of your organization with the requirements of the grant. Furthermore, all of this may need to be done on a tight timeline—often in less than a month.

Engage Us to Make The Most of Your Grant
We are the grant writing unit of Industry Expansion Solutions (IES), an extension of NC State’s College of Engineering. Our team offers leadership and technical assistance in research, program design and grant proposal writing, often in complex environments and in a wide variety of areas—from education, to business and industry, to military and government agencies.

Our grant writing services are based on your needs and capacities—ranging from searching for grants, to assisting your grant writing team to leading proposal development— with the least burden on your staff. These approaches are determined in partnership with you and your team to ensure maximum efficiency and return on investment.

Leverage Our Uniqueness
Based on your needs and grant context, we leverage the skills and expertise of staff from across IES, and, when appropriate, faculty and staff throughout NC State University for the development of grant proposals. Such a foundation ensures high-quality, unique contributions to the project that can make your proposal highly competitive. Unique to grant writing services, we develop:

  • Grant funding research reports and recommendations
  • Proposal development management plans and guidance
  • Reviews, edits and unbiased assessments of proposal viability
  • Evaluation designs (often requested by funders) to measure program success
  • Partnerships across NC State University that match interests and complement the proposal
  • Grant writing capacity building to enable long-term self-sufficiency

Understand Our Qualifications

Our advantage is based upon our broad range of experience and adaptability to various needs. Unique to grant writing services, we offer:

  • Extensive knowledge of high-quality program development, administration and evaluation
  • Unparalleled experience with data collection and analysis
  • Demonstrated adaptability to develop grant proposals in various fields
  • Demonstrated success in acquiring grant funds, with collective experience of $60+ million
  • Experience developing large, multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional grant proposals

If you need assistance with your next grant proposal or have any questions about our proposal development services, please contact us today to set up a one-on-one consultation to further discuss your organization’s needs.

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