The objective of this program is to conduct a 2 to 3-day working session to complete the planning elements of an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS). The program follows a proven step-by-step managed process that can be implemented at a nominal cost with a minimal use of internal resources. Following the program, your company will be in a good position to complete its EMS and acquire ISO 14001 shortly thereafter.

The primary benefit is that a company can identify and rank its environmental aspects – in the first 2-day period. This is the most critical component in getting your EMS implementation project off the ground. Establishing targets and objectives will be completed during this period as well.


Day 1: Overview and aspects identification
Executive overview: 2-hr overview
Review ISO 14001 requirements
Flowchart company’s activities and processes
Brainstorm and identify organization’s aspects

Day 2: Continue to identify aspects
Conduct a plant tour and photograph aspects
Determine significant aspects criteria
Establish significant aspects utilizing a FMEA methodology
Select aspects to be managed

As Time Allows: Establish objectives and targets
Identify business opportunity programs
Establish programs to achieve objectives and targets
Document draft environmental policy
Document the draft procedure used to identify aspects

Recommended For:

Environmental health and safety managers and technicians, quality engineers and managers, and other personnel interested in ISO 14001 environmental management systems.