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Is your organization interested in engaging the entire team around solving problems? Are you looking for rapid problem resolution instead of problem escalation that allows for easier adoption and sustainment of best practices? Interested in the ability to develop standard processes? If so, you may be ready for Managing for Daily Improvement (MDI).

MDI may be the missing link in your lean transformation efforts. Kaizen events and continuous improvement (CI) projects often provide proven breakthrough results; however, these results are, far too often, not sustained. The key to sustainment is employee input and involvement. MDI is a valuable tool that drives accountability and problem solving minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day.  

MDI Transformation

MDI is a process in which an organization implements visual management strategies and facilitates key performance indicators (KPIs) at the ground level with day-to-day employee activities. MDI flips a top-down management approach to drive change from the bottom up. 

MDI makes problems visual and explicit (if a problem is not seen, it can’t be solved) and engages the entire team around solving problems. It allows for rapid and frequent course corrections and creates a daily habit of performance management. 

Our one-day, on-site coaching session focuses on aligning the strategic plan (Hoshin Kanri) to the daily tasks and metrics, while advancing the continuous improvement effort through scientific thinking. You will learn how to create, implement and lead daily huddles, using the Socratic Method, while focusing improvement on key performance indicators.  

We’ll help you develop the foundational knowledge needed to implement MDI as a part of your CI program and align it to your Hoshin Kanri strategies while sustaining breakthrough improvements from Kaizen and other Lean principles.

By rolling out MDI, your staff becomes the owner of the process. MDI allows them to:

  • Identify small barriers and challenges
  • Evaluate the obstacle(s)
  • Correct the problem quickly 
  • Standardize the process
  • Measure the results in real-time

Ready to Get Started?

Upon completion of our on-site coaching, you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles and key concepts of Managing for Daily Improvement
  • Describe the elements of a daily huddle
  • Understand your role as participant of daily huddle
  • Provide coaching in daily huddles
  • Describe leader elements of daily huddles and understand Socratic Method

Why NC State IES?

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