Does your business seek insights to discover new areas for improvement?

Companies from all industry sectors can benefit from a PROBE Assessment by NC State Industry Expansion Solutions. PROBE Assessments can take as little as a day and a half, and can utilize as few as a single employee. By comparing your company’s practice and performance to proven international best business practices, you’ll gain a clearer view of how to leverage your strengths and break down the barriers to sustainable excellence.

PROBE is a self assessment tool that captures a 360° portrait of your business’ current level of performance and compares it with those of your peers. PROBE works by benchmarking the data that we collect about your company, against data contributed by more than 8500 – companies worldwide. Your company’s business practices are assessed to best practices & standards such as ISO9000, ISO14000, AS9100; from respected awards like Malcolm Baldrige; from teachings of Deming and from lean manufacturing work of Shingo and Womack.

Collaborate with the Industry Experts

NC State IES’s extensive partnerships with business, industry, education and government provides broad access to cutting-edge expertise, research and technology. Our technical experts and experienced industry specialists engineer and implement strategies to increase productivity, promote growth and enhance performance, and our track record of bottom-line results gives our clients the confidence to implement our proven high-performance solutions.

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