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NC State Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) recommends that organizations should work towards world-class performance levels and be willing to make focused improvements in core business processes. In doing so, they should consider learning and applying the Shingo Prize philosophy. The Shingo Prize, named after Japanese business operations leader Shigeo Shingo, is the premier operational excellence recognition program for North America. The Prize promotes awareness of lean concepts and recognizes organizations that achieve world-class status.

IES helps organizations apply this model that incorporates many of Dr. Shingo’s practices — plus exemplary practices from other sources. The Shingo Prize Model covers all aspects of business operations and processes, using the lean management approach. Shigeo Shingo developed, taught and emphasized three levels of transformation: Principles, Systems, and Tools & Techniques. Organizations can learn how to develop a culture of excellence tailored to the uniqueness of their organization. The model can be applied to many types of industries, whether in an individual facility, a complete corporate division or across the entire business enterprise.

As the North Carolina service provider for the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, IES can guide you through the application process, which begins by completing a Business Application Form and continues by submitting an achievement report. For complete information on the application process, go to the Shingo Prize Criteria Guidelines; or contact an IES representative.

Solutions include:

Read how one organization encouraged disparate plants to work more effectively as a team, reporting fewer customer complaints, more on-time deliveries, reduced production costs and a safer work environment. In order to be competitive through the Shingo Model.

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