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Transitions can be difficult, especially among senior-level leaders or senior management roles. What an organization needs in the next six months may be drastically different from what was required in the past six months. Smart organizations typically look within for future leaders, investing resources to effectively engage and prepare today’s employees for tomorrow’s priorities as well as a plan for corporate knowledge transfer.  Effective Succession Planning ensures that new leaders are selected based on the needs of the future organization.

We offer a unique approach to succession planning and the assessment of senior level talent with a well-planned, long-term process to build “feeder groups” of qualified candidates, able to fill in vacancies as they emerge.  We offer structured, customized planning to deal with impacts on external resources, asset protection, successor selection, governance issues, business issues, family issues and planning. We assess an individual’s potential to deal with complexity in decision-making and then project this into the future helping organizations to predict potential across the course of a career.

At IES, we provide:

  • Research-based, proven techniques
  • Deep knowledge of small to midsize organizations
  • In-depth experience
  • Cost-effective access to university resources
  • Relationship managers who stay with you over time to help ensure plan execution and success

With these benefits:

  • Ability to position the “right people in the right positions at the right time” to achieve desired business results
  • Provide stability in leadership to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of services and programs