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Understand the Potential of Your Product
Do you have a winning tech idea, but aren’t quite sure how to bring your product to market, or who to market it to? Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI) can help you understand your product’s potential and position it to gain the most power in the marketplace, using extensive market research and real-world insights from industry experts.

Whether your company is small or large, private or public, focused on research or driven by business, TDMI provides the leverage you need to turn your ideas into drivers of tangible results.

TDMI allows you to:

  • Create a more viable, more competitive product
  • Recognize possible applications for the new product
  • Capitalize on the product’s strengths and exploit competitors’ weaknesses
  • Understand potential markets, entry opportunities, and market trends and drivers
  • Overcome technical and market barriers

Think of TDMI as Your Flashlight in the Dark
Unlike other services, TDMI analyzes your product’s potential for positive return on investment before you launch, and identifies and engages potential commercial partners to maximize that investment. You’ll go forward with confidence, knowing that your product will meet demand and generate value in the marketplace.

If you are responsible for developing markets, creating growth or launching new products or product lines at your company, increase your chances of success with TDMI.

What are the Benefits of Using TDMI?

  • Getting a top-level view of the market: trends, drivers, value chains and competition
  • Having a plan to maximize resources and direct them to where they will create the most return on investment
  • Thoroughly vetting potential new products and markets before entry
  • The ability to make decisions with confidence

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