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Solutions are Sometimes Found in the Most Unexpected Places
Challenges like dwindling resources and shrinking innovation cycles are difficult to overcome, but it is imperative to maintain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly shifting market.

Tech Scouting works for you by quickly and thoroughly, identifying new technologies and evaluating their potential to address your unmet needs. We scour the globe for innovative new solutions—exploring the diverse and the unorthodox in addition to the time-tested and proven—to quickly find the perfect fit for your business.

Employing Tech Scouting to acquire or leverage new technologies can help you achieve new market penetration and new product development, automate production, develop new products, improve processes and form new partnerships to accelerate time to market.

How We Do It:

  • We assess your situation and determine where your goals lie.
  • We search for technology options, tapping into our deep university connections, partner and affiliate resources and tech sector experience.
  • We select the most promising technologies and evaluate them against your needs.
  • We provide recommendations and advise you on next steps, so you can immediately put the new technology to work.


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