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Energy Solutions


Facility Energy Assessment

Facility improvements can offer huge opportunities for cost savings. We
can take a magnifying glass to your business’s utility bills, HVAC operations, motor efficiency and the building envelope, and compile the data into a technical report with recommended conservation actions, potential savings, estimated cost of implementation and simple payback period through a facility energy assessment.

Environmental Solutions


Carbon Footprint/Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

Some of the largest retailers now require their suppliers to complete a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, or Carbon Footprint; the EPA also requires it of some industrial facilities. Together, we can help calculate your GHG and develop CO2 reduction goals and action plans.


Businesses that operate with environmentally sound
and sustainable processes improve their bottom line through cost savings and enhanced marketability. Let our specialists help establish environmental management systems, support you in your regulatory compliance requirements, and assist with Carbon Disclosure Project Surveys, wildlife habitat applications, certifications and more.

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