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Our clients leverage our university and community connections and deep marketplace knowledge, and apply tailored business solutions that enable them to improve their operations and their bottom line. We also craft solutions to meet specific needs. If you have a challenge, we can find a solution— speak to us to discover the right fit for your business.

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Grant Management and Compliance

Every funding agency, whether federal or private, handles the grant-making process differently. No matter who the funder is, grant management is a critical aspect of both the grant application and the funding process. Strong grant proposals incorporate grant...

Growth and Innovation

We can help you discover strategies, create innovation and gain market share to grow your business and move forward in today’s economy.

Grant Evaluation

The demand for grant-funded program accountability is rising, as grant stakeholders and/or funding sources want to understand how programs are working compared to the plans laid out in original grant proposals. Third-party evaluation is an important service in...

Innovation Engineering

Innovation is no longer an optional strategy Do you find yourself caught up in cost cutting measures that never lead to real business growth? Are you trying to do more with less? There is a way to increase the speed of innovation while decreasing risk with Innovation...

Leadership Development

IES helps develop leaders who embody the cultural values of their organizations, with the aim of creating a unified vision for the company and a workforce that cooperatively strives for a single goal.

Organizational Strategy

We work with you and your employees to improve skills that drive the performance of your business. Our services are customized specifically to your business, your challenges and the critical needs your people identify– and we work on your schedule, at your workplace....

ISO 9001

Provide assurance to existing customers, and open the door for new ones. ISO 9001 standard provides guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is...

Market Development

Penetrate new markets and launch new products with proven sales and marketing tools.

Business Assessment

We can help small and medium size businesses optimize performance across multiple aspects of their organization. Our business assessment service is the first step in determining where you have growth opportunities. It allows us to determine where your business is...

Professional Development

IES Professional Development and learning services help you and your employees gain and maintain competencies that improve business performance and accelerate career growth. As part of the land grant outreach mission of NC State, IES will work with any industry, from...

Health and Safety

We help protect your most valuable asset– your workforce.

Lean Sigma 180

Lean Sigma 180 takes a unique approach by starting with the improvement project first.  Unlike typical Lean Six Sigma training, our team of Lean Six Sigma experts will work with your senior leadership to identify specific improvement projects that are linked directly...

Operational Excellence

Embrace principles, systems, and tools that will support sustainable improvement, product quality and business growth.

Carbon Footprint / Green House Gas Emission Inventory

A Green House Gases (GHG) emission inventory or Carbon Footprint - is the quantity of CO2 and other GHGs (CH4, N2O, HFCs, PFCs & SF6) emitted from a facility (either directly or indirectly) on an annual basis. Larger companies such as Walmart and others are...

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering bridges the gap between management goals and performance.

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