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Anthony Smith

Lean Improvement Specialist

Email: | Phone: 919.656.5523

Anthony Smith


Anthony Smith is a Lean Improvement Specialist with North Carolina State University Industry Expansion Solutions (IES). Anthony has previously worked in the industry as a Plant and Operations Manager and has a background in making improvements through Lean thinking and methodology. In his position with the Process Optimization team, Anthony brings his skills and perspective in areas such as the Toyota Production System, Policy Deployment, 5S, Standardized Work, Value Stream Mapping, Pull System, and an assortment of Lean Tools and Concepts. Anthony has a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from NC State University. Anthony enjoys spending time with his family and relaxing in his free time. He is based in Hillsborough, NC area and helps to advance IES’s extension and outreach mission/vision across the state through his work in all one hundred counties.