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Jason Low

Senior Manufacturing Engineering Specialist

Email: | Phone: 919.515.1424

Jason Low


Jason Low is a Senior Manufacturing Engineering Specialist at NC State University Industry Expansion Solutions, where he assists clients with automation strategies and understanding how Industry 4.0 technologies can be adopted and leveraged as part of their own lean trajectory, OEE improvement, and an increasingly positive bottom line.  Jason comes to IES with 25 years of teaching and automation experience in the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at NC State University (NCSU). Previous to his tenure at NCSU, Jason worked in the computer industry as a manufacturing engineer and helped grow his family’s business. While practicing his craft, Jason found that he could further his passion for solving manufacturing problems with an advanced degree in industrial engineering. His journey brought him to NC State, where he later accepted a position in the IE Department. As a member of the teaching faculty, Jason performed a multitude of roles, spanning laboratory management, curriculum enhancement, teaching and student advising. Jason’s success is measured by the success of the lives he touched; countless students who are now working professionals. Jason brings vast experience working with small and large North Carolina companies and a network of people and resources that underpin one of the most important sectors of North Carolina’s economy, manufacturing. Jason believes the key to the success of students and industry alike, stems from the unmatched resources found in the state, and the solid foundation built by our tremendous educational system. Jason is excited to bring his system mindset and knowledge of automation and processes to assist in the competitiveness of North Carolina’s small and medium-sized manufacturers. Jason holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BSEET) from the University of Maine and a Master of Industrial Engineering (MIE) from NC State University. He, his wife Sandy and two adult children, Julia and Lauren, have made North Carolina home and they truly believe that there’s no better place to live, work and play. When Jason isn’t out championing the cause of automation, he enjoys scenic travel, culinary adventures, high-fidelity audio and carpentry. While none have yet to converge in/as one experience, Jason would like to hear of opportunities where “hobby synthesis” can be achieved!