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Madelene Brooks

Business Operations Manager

Email: | Phone: 919.515.9556

Madelene Brooks


Madelene Brooks is the business operations manager for NC State’s Industry Expansion Solutions (IES). Madelene manages the budget utilizing a variety of funding sources to include state appropriations and appropriated receipts; sales and service trust funds; contracts and grants; gifts and foundations; discretionary; and F&A funds, all requiring complex state and federal regulations. Madelene also oversees procurement activities and assures financial and compliance reviews meet federal and state regulations. Madelene provides leadership, direction and expertise for financial activities in the department including administration, policy development finance and research. This position plays an integral part in strategic planning, communicating policies, procedures and guidelines, as well as developing solutions. Madelene has extensive experience in leadership roles in governmental entities as a financial and budget analyst in North Carolina, which include the community college system, University of North Carolina Wilmington, and as an auditor with the NC Office of State Auditors. Madelene earned both a B.S. in accountancy and a M.P.A. in public administration, with a concentration in nonprofit management from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.