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Dynamic Systems Opens Doors with ISO Certification

Dynamic Systems’ materials provide impact absorption, comfort and pressure redistribution and can be found in everything from helicopter seats to horse saddles to helmets. The materials produced by the plant in Leicester are of the highest product quality; they know because the plant is ISO certified.

ISO 9001 provides quality management standards that also facilitate the international exchange of goods and services. ISO standards enhance customer satisfaction and provide tools for continuous improvement.

The company worked with industry experts at North Carolina State University’s Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) to prepare the 25-person facility for ISO certification. The project took twelve months, rom the time the project began to final certification.


“In addition to the standardization of work instructions, the additional gain was a more cohesive environment within our company,” says Vice President and CIO, Cathy Caldwell. “Everyone is now on the same page.”

DSI, established by Charles Yost, co-founder of the ‘Temper Foam’ technology developed by NASA in 1966, has about 500 customers that purchase highly customized products. “ISO allows us to be more responsive to customers,” says Lewis McCrain, General Manager. McCrain, who calculates Dynamic’s client base to be percent military and 50 percent commercial, expects that certification will lead to more military contracts as well as international business.

The ISO 9001 standard guides companies in developing standardized training quality policies and appropriate documentation and records. It also includes a self-auditing component so that long-term results are sustained.


The applying company contracts with a third-party registrar to conduct the final audit qualifying the company for registration. According to Caldwell, the registrar began his assessment stating he never finds less than 6 non-conformances, or items that need immediate correction. “We got one,” says Caldwell.

“The comments are helpful and they beat us up when we needed it,” says McCrain of NC State’s extension specialists. “I’d recommend NC State to any industry.”

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