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  • Carbon Footprint / Green House Gas Emission Inventory

    A Green House Gases (GHG) emission inventory or Carbon Footprint – is the quantity of CO2 and other GHGs (CH4, N2O, HFCs, PFCs & SF6) emitted from a facility (either directly or indirectly) on an annual basis. Larger companies such as Walmart and others are requiring their customers to complete a carbon footprint. EPA requires the […]


  • Facility Energy Assessment

    Energy use planning is a critical aspect of sustainable operations, and offers potential for huge savings, both in dollars and in natural resources. IES improvement specialists can help your company realize savings through energy assessments focusing on efficiency and conservation.   We take a magnifying glass to utility bills, HVAC operations, motor efficiency, and the building […]


  • Environment and Energy

    Businesses that operate with environmentally sound and sustainable processes improve their bottom line through cost savings and enhanced marketability.


  • Wild and Free

    WILSON, N.C. — The 350-acre tract of land next to Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations (BATO) Wilson, NC manufacturing facility might have been developed; the timber sold, the brush cleared, the animals living there scattered. Instead, BATO-Wilson did something wonderful and unexpected: it designated the land a wildlife habitat and refuge. The decision was made not […]