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  • Collaborative Communication & Customized Solutions: Best Practices for Leveraging Third-Party Evaluations

    In an era of growing motivation to ensure responsible grant management and achievement of project outcomes, third-party evaluations, where external evaluators objectively assess project progress and success for the benefit of funders and funding recipients, have become increasingly more commonplace. These types of evaluations not only measure funding compliance and program effectiveness, they also yield insights that have value for organizational strategic planning and program and project management. Others point out that organizations benefit from exposure to technical and subject-matter expertise, increased credibility with external stakeholders and assistance with time-consuming evaluation tasks.


  • Grant Needs Assessment/Research

    The foundation of any successful grants program is a solid needs assessment. A needs assessment can determine gaps that prevent a grant program from reaching desired goals. Learn what’s working well and what needs to change to make a program successful and reach grant goals.


  • Third Party Evaluation

    Third-party evaluation is an important service in assessing implementation of proposed program activities and evaluating the achievement of stated goals.