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  • Bill Iacovelli to Present at AME’s Regional Workshop

    RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA — Bill Iacovelli, an improvement specialist with North Carolina State Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) and one of the state’s leading Lean and Six Sigma experts, will co-present a session at the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) Southeast Regional Workshop on September 12, 2017, in Concord, North Carolina at S&D Coffee and Tea.


  • RFMD Innovates Six Sigma Program

    Semiconductors are a competitive field in today’s high-tech culture, but Greensboro-based manufacturer RF Micro Devices (RFMD), in its relentless quest for better product yields and process improvements, leverages Six Sigma to remain at the front of the pack.


  • Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma

    Build a customer-focused organization that produces goods and services of the highest quality and lowest cost, utilizing only value-added activities. IES Lean and Six Sigma services help eliminate waste while standardizing quality so organizations have a solid foundation to pursue increased productivity and profits.


  • Six Sigma…a Stupid Management Fad?

    A colleague recently emailed me bNet’s “The Eight Stupidest Management Fads of All Time,” and Six Sigma is number 1. I can see where the author is coming from in terms of the success of Six Sigma initiatives.  He is completely correct in the fact that it is a waste of time… that is IF it is not done correctly.