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Performance Excellence Coaching. Why participate?

Whether you’re pursuing a state award for excellence or just looking for tools to help your business or organization achieve performance excellence, the Malcolm Baldrige core values empower your organization to accomplish its mission, improve results and become more competitive.

In addition to milestones, a wide range of processes are facilitated by IES. They include:


  • Development of leadership and team 360
  • Evaluation of 1-way and 2-way communication
  • Design of reward & recognition related to MVV and integration into performance management
  • Development of Risk Management Programs

Strategic Planning:

  • Facilitation of the strategic planning process
  • Development of key performance indicators and cascading scorecards
  • Development of an action planning process with a resource analysis


  • Development/refinement of listening and learning processes
  • Development of a robust complaint management system

Measurement, Analysis, & Knowledge Management

  • Development of data processes, projection setting methodologies; reduction of redundant data requests; comparative analysis
  • Development of a knowledge management system


  • Development of an integrated performance management system
  • Development of a sustainable reward and recognition system
  • Updating job descriptions, capability/capacity metrics, job exchange, and process metrics
  • Understanding employee engagement factors
  • Changing workforce climate


  • Using SIPOC to map key processes
  • Relating customer requirements to process metrics
  • Process design flows
  • Improving efficiency, effectiveness, and cycle time
  • Using a house wide performance improvement methodology
  • Building meaningful results for all key processes