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Culture and Climate Assessment

What are the spoken and unspoken rules that govern your workplace?

Do employees practice the values that support your vision and mission statement?

A culture and climate assessment profiles the alignment between your stated mission and actual workforce beliefs and behaviors. It addresses topics such as trust in leadership, comfort in expressing opinions, job involvement, employee engagement, perceptions of future growth, atmosphere of honesty and tolerance for differences.

Dimensions Evaluated During Assessment:

  • Sense of purpose as it relates to the organization’s values, mission and vision
  • Organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Employee perception and level of satisfaction with the organization
  • Clarity of role/responsibilities in performing duties
  • Clarity of job expectations
  • Employee engagement, recognition and retention issues
  • Challenges or obstacles encountered in task performance
  • Accountability of management and staff in resolving concerns
  • Working conditions at team, group, branch, division, or office level(s)
  • Working relationships, both internal and external
  • Communications across the organization
  • Managing and dealing with change successfully and appropriately
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Evaluation of ability to progress towards improving the culture and becoming a high-performance organization
  • Specific actions that would improve the health of the organization and help achieve strategic goals

Industry Expansion Solutions uses a customized approach for assessing these factors designed to meet the unique needs of our customers’ organizational needs. We use a variety of data gathering methods that include custom surveys, one-on-one interviews and focus groups— concluding with a formal assessment report and recommendations. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your organization’s needs.