Environmental management and employee safety and health issues are a tremendous responsibility.

Many managers and supervisors are not fully aware of, nor prepared to meet, day-to-day environmental and safety responsibilities, yet every business and industry must comply with the multitude of government regulations or face expensive fines and litigation. The Manager of Environmental Safety and Health (MESH) certificate program is designed for environmental, safety and health professionals  who wish to improve their practical knowledge while earning a valuable credential.

The program is sponsored by NC State Industry Expansion Solutions, the North Carolina Department of Labor and the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina. The MESH certificate is awarded after successfully completing 100 credit hours of coursework in the field. Earning the certificate requires no specific educational background nor previous training. It’s simple, flexible and designed for working professionals and non-degree seeking adults who want to engage in continuing education to meet their professional and personal goals. MESH credit courses are offered in various locations across North Carolina.