Lean Manufacturing

Do you seek perfection in eliminating waste and inefficiencies, while standardizing quality? Improve the competitiveness of your business through understanding and implementing Lean business systems.

Based on the Toyota Production System (TPS), Process Improvement teaches clients to apply lean principles to identify and eliminate wasteful activities while maintaining or improving processes. ” Lean thinking” improvement work involves:

  • A review of how the current state of a process works
  • Identifying wasteful activities in the process
  • Establishing projects to eliminate said waste
  • Utilizing a Lean Sensei and cross-functional teams to pilot and test potential solutions
  • Conducting Kaizen Rapid Improvement Events (RIE’s) to pilot and test improvement strategies at the point of work, resulting in a culture shift toward continuous improvement

Using our Lean solutions, tools and expertise, you will build a customer-focused organization that produces products and services of the highest quality and lowest cost, utilizing only value-added activities.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma training offers engineers, technical managers, and analysts the tools to make their processes nearly defect-free. Six Sigma results in significant financial impacts, performance improvement and quality gains. IES Six Sigma solutions provide professionals in a manufacturing or service environment with the tools they need to implement Six Sigma in their organization through Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt opportunities. Read how the number of green and black belts is growing steadily at one company and is creating a more knowledgeable, more invested workforce.

Whether you are a Six Sigma black belt or brand new to the Lean methodology, IES can help you create a world-class culture of success with:

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