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Effective Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis

Course Details:

1 day, 6.5 Instructional Hours
6.5 Engineering Professional Development Hours (PDH)
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Course Description:
Problems exist in every aspect of our everyday work and life. Everyone can benefit from learning the tools to systematically solve the problem and identify the root cause to prevent recurrence. Using the cross-functional team approach, you will understand and attain the skills needed to apply disciplined and proven root cause analysis methodologies to problems impacting your organization. Root Cause Analysis is a method of solving problems that is used to diagnose the true cause, faults, variations and/or problems. This one-day course will equip participants with the skills to identify and resolve problems rooted within your organization. All industries including but not limited to non-profit, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and service industries can benefit by attending this course. Organizations with staff skilled in effective problem solving and root cause analysis have the benefit of:

  • Providing tangible evidence of cause and effect and solutions to solve real problems
  • Developing solutions to problems that are effective and long lasting
  • Improving reliability and performance management
  • Identifying potential supply chain interruptions and more

Learning Objectives:
Clearly defining problems that need evaluation and how to resolve them is the basis of this course. Participants will learn a systematic team approach to problem solving by utilizing the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) method. Upon completion learners will be able to:

  • Define the problem, assemble a team and take containment action
  • Apply standard methods to investigate and analyze problems
  • Explain methods for developing and implementing solutions
  • Identify root causes of problems and potential solutions
  • Implement appropriate actions to prevent recurrence
  • Develop best practices for monitoring action plans for success
  • Exercise effective team based problem solving skills
  • Articulate root cause analysis methods
  • Analyze effectiveness of problem solutions
  • Replicate and improve processes

Each participant will receive a training manual.

Who Should Attend:
This training promotes a shared standardized approach and soft skill tools which would enable any organization to solve problems permanently and continuously improve performance indicators. This course is recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to effectively solve problems

Additional Notes:
This course also pairs well with Design Failure Mode Effect Analysis (DFMEA), Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis (PFMEA), and Practical Project Management.

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Haleh Byrne
Adrianne Kroll
Nora Milley
Bill Iacovelli

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