Streamline Processes and Deliver More Services to Your Constituents

Lean manufacturing saves money and increases productivity and profits by reducing waste and increasing operational efficiency. But, Lean isn’t just for manufacturing. “Lean thinking” and the tools of Lean manufacturing work in a variety of office, service and industry applications, including government.

Lean management can help government streamline processes by addressing the causes of organizational inefficiency, build capabilities to sustain new ways of working and engage managers and staff to make continuous improvement part of everyone’s day-to-day activities.

By incorporating NC State Industry Expansion Solution (IES) Lean solutions, tools and expertise, you will build a customer-focused organization that provides services of the highest quality and lowest cost, utilizing only value-added activities.

IES Will Tailor On-Site Services to Your Needs

  • We come to your facility, because that’s where the action is.
  • We listen to you to understand your services, your local conditions and your issues.
  • We help you find the right solutions to your specific problems.
  • We customize plans for transforming your processes, based on your current capabilities and desired outcomes.

IES Can Help You:

  • Do more with less—streamline your processes and deliver more services to your constituents
  • Create more value in your business processes
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Increase your quality
  • Improve employee morale
  • Navigate regulatory and safety programs

Next Steps

We also offer Lean Government certification for professionals seeking to lead their organizations, whether at the state, local, or municipal level, into the transformative culture of Lean Government.

Success with Lean management requires senior leaders to commit to learning and changing. If your organization is interested in knocking down the roadblocks to efficiency, contact us today.

Learn how the Richmond County Department of Social Services reduced customer inquiry response time from six days to one after deploying Lean tools including value stream mapping and standard work documents. Not only was response time dramatically reduced, but the inquiry backlog was also eliminated. Read the success story here.

Learn how one government agency leveraged IES’s Lean Facilitator Certification program to deploy Lean tools throughout its entire organization that resulted in improved timelines and accuracy in ten different North Carolina counties. Read the success story here.

Learn how NC State IES improvement specialists worked closely with Correction Enterprises staff and inmate employees to identify and eliminate waste and improve processes, resulting in high-quality, low-cost products. Read the success story here.


Why Consider an IES Lean Six Sigma Government Solution?

Government is in the midst of rapid change. Employees are being required to manage their processes more efficiently and agencies are being asked to do much more with fewer resources and must change their processes to accomplish this task. Read our Solution Brief to discover how to streamline processes, build capabilities to sustain new ways of working and make continuous improvement part of everyone’s day-to-day activities.

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IES Lean & Six Sigma Experts

Gene Smith BS, MBB, CLSSBB

Gene Smith BS, MBB, CLSSBB

Program Director, IES Healthcare & Government

Gene Smith leads the IES lean healthcare program and helps healthcare organizations improve their businesses through the understanding and implementation of lean principles based on the Toyota Production System (TPS) and Six Sigma methodologies. Gene and the healthcare team have worked extensively with public health organizations to improve patient service times in clinics, child coordination services, and permitting processes in environmental health services.

Read more about Gene here.

Lou Anne Crawley-Stout MBA, MBB, CLSSBB, PMP

Lou Anne Crawley-Stout MBA, MBB, CLSSBB, PMP

Improvement Specialist IES / Improvement Partners

Lou Anne Crawley-Stout is a lean improvement specialist with NC State University Industry Expansion Solutions. She has 14 years of experience in public health, government, and hospital performance improvement, training and coaching leaders and staff in lean six sigma and Toyota Production System methodologies and tools to foster a continuous quality improvement (QI) culture.

Read more about LouAnne here.

Allison Godwin BS, CLSSGB

Allison Godwin BS, CLSSGB

Improvement Specialist IES / Improvement Partners

Allison Godwin serves as a lean facilitator, coach and mentor for a variety of healthcare and government organizations. As an integral part of the NC State Industrial Extension Service healthcare team, she initiates and advances lean initiatives through her work with Population Health Improvement Partners and the Department of Public Health QI (quality improvement) teams in Raleigh.

Read more about Allison here.

Chris Hartley BA, CLSSGB

Chris Hartley BA, CLSSGB

Improvement Specialist IES

Chris serves as a Lean Improvement Specialist working with hospitals, physician’s offices, public health departments, government agencies and many other types of organizations to teach and guide them through their lean journey. Chris has over 15 years of process improvement and project management experience in government, hospital, and laboratory service industries.

Read more about Chris here.

Lauren Lushia MBA, MBB, CLSSBB

Lauren Lushia MBA, MBB, CLSSBB

Improvement Specialist IES

Lauren Lushia comes to IES with over 11 years of Lean, Six Sigma and Operational Excellence experience. During her career in Lean and Six Sigma, Lauren has progressed through many roles leading teams, teaching and applying Lean and Six Sigma. Her work has included leading projects and teams within HR, parts fulfillment, finance, technology, service, manufacturing and in call centers.

Read more about Lauren here.