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Industrial Hygiene (IH-MESH)


  • 100 Hours of Workplace Safety, Health or Environmental Training Required – 60 hours must be Industrial Hygiene-specific
  • 75 hours must be earned through at least one of the three MESH program sponsors:
  • Accepted CORE courses, taken through one of the three MESH program sponsors:
  • Maximum 25 hours can be counted from “Other” training providers who are not MESH program sponsors
  • 5 year limit
    • All MESH credit hours must have been earned within the previous 5 years at the time you reach your 100 hours
  • Courses are credited only ONCE
    • A course cannot be applied toward more than one type of MESH certificate
    • The same course title cannot be counted more than once for the same certificate
  • Only non-credit continuing education hours can be accepted
    • Previously earned degrees, work experience or other certifications are not counted towards MESH

Additional Information

  • 10 IH-Specific hours can be earned through FEMA’s Introduction to Hazardous Materials free online course
    • This would be counted as part of the maximum 25 hours allowed from “Other” training providers
  • First Aid and CPR can be counted as a workplace safety, health or environmental topic
    • Unless otherwise indicated on the completion card or certificate, we will use contact hours specified by the Red Cross
    • If training was not received through one of the MESH program sponsors, these hours will be counted as part of the maximum 25 hours allowed from “Other” training providers
  • Maximum 10 hours can be earned by attending an approved NC Safety School or Conference
    • Attendance hours will be treated as hours earned through a MESH program sponsor

Sample IH-MESH Curriculum

TOTAL 100 hours

Other Industrial Hygiene-specific Elective Topics

Courses considered IH-specific must be related to learning how to analyze, identify, measure and control workplace hazards or stressors that can cause sickness, impaired health, or significant discomfort in workers through chemical, physical, ergonomic or biological exposures. Here are some examples of IH-specific topics:

The NC Department of Labor also offers free webinars covering many of these topics, worth 1.5 hours each. View their schedule HERE.