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Construction MESH (C-MESH)



  • 100 Hours of Workplace Safety, Health or Environmental Training Required – 60 hours must be Construction-specific
  • 75 hours, including a CORE course, must be earned through at least one of the three MESH program sponsors:
  • Accepted CORE courses, taken through one of the three MESH program sponsors:
  • Maximum 25 hours can be counted from “Other” training providers who are not MESH program sponsors
  • 5 year limit
    • All MESH credit hours must have been earned within the previous 5 years at the time you reach your 100 hours
  • Courses are credited only ONCE
    • A course cannot be applied toward more than one type of MESH certificate
    • The same course title cannot be counted more than once for the same certificate
  • Only non-credit continuing education hours can be accepted
    • previously earned degrees, work experience or other certifications are not counted towards MESH

Additional Information

  • First Aid and CPR can be counted as a workplace safety, health or environmental topic
    • Unless otherwise indicated on the completion card or certificate, we will use contact hours specified by the Red Cross
    • If training was not received through one of the MESH program sponsors, these hours will be counted as part of the maximum 25 hours allowed from “Other” training providers
  • Maximum 10 hours can be earned by attending an approved NC Safety School or Conference
    • Attendance hours will be treated as hours earned through a MESH program sponsor

Sample C-MESH Curriculum through Southeastern OTI Education Center

TOTAL 102 hours