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Leadership Coaching

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

– John Whitmore


IES provides coaching services that help elevate and transform a leader’s performance through a complex partnership by acting as a sounding board, leadership guide, objective mirror, accountability driver, and confidant to support their growth. Whether the focus is on personalized leadership coaching, coaching after leadership development, or onboarding of new leaders, we will work with your new and existing leaders as an objective and experienced thinking partner to support their development within your company.

IES identifies and targets specific leadership competencies and behaviors important to the leaders’ success to create development plans that support enhanced self-awareness, and to drive transformative change. We provide both onsite and virtual coaching services to best address your needs.

New Leader Onboarding and Engagement

For new managers taking on responsibility for an existing team, the challenges can be significant. IES will serve as your partner to identify the needs of your new leaders in the first 90 days, and will facilitate an interactive session to gather insight and feedback from team members, allowing new managers to set expectations and engage employees early.

360ᣞ Feedback with the Leadership Mirror® 360ᣞ Assessment

IES utilizes Development Dimensions International’s (DDI’s) Leadership Mirror® 360ᣞ Assessment Tool (a web-based multi-rater feedback assessment) to provide a clear picture of individual strengths and development needs that support the development of key leadership skills and competencies important to the success of leaders. Each participant will complete the assessment along with their supervisor and direct reports to provide each participant key insights into their existing strengths and opportunities for development. Participants will use the feedback to create an individual development plan to focus their efforts towards achieving the best results in their leadership growth. Please note that the Leadership Mirror 360° Assessment is designed to be used only for developmental feedback through this program and not for evaluating employee performance or promotions. All information obtained through this process is treated with the utmost confidentiality, and only used for coaching and development of each participant.

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