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OSHA Outreach Trainer FAQs


Outreach Training Program Reports


Where do I submit my report?

After your class is complete, visit your OSHA Outreach Trainer Portal and click on the red box that says “Order New OSHA 10-HR, 30-HR, 7600 Completion Cards.” You will complete your trainer report and then you will be provided with a Report ID and payment link — this will also be emailed to you.


What special circumstances might I need to explain on my report?

  • If the report is for make-up students only
    • Do not add students to a report who did not complete the class on the same date as the rest of the class
    • Do not combine students on one report with multiple class end dates
  • If the report is for students who are switching from a 10-HR card to a 30-HR card
    • The old 10-hr card must be returned prior to receiving the new 30-hr card
    • Enter the dates the 10-hr class was held and then add the dates the remaining 20 hours were conducted
  • If the report is for a 10-HR class that had fewer than 3 students but the class was combined with a larger 30-HR class
    • Enter the 30-HR class as separate report
  • If the report is for a class that had fewer than 3 or more than 40 students with prior approval from the Southeastern OTI Education Center
  • Class was held outside of OSHA’s geographic jurisdiction with prior approval from OSHA


How do I enter the time I spent on topics?

For each topic, enter the amount of time in hours and minutes. For example, if you spent one and a half hours on Falls, you would enter 1 hour and 30 minutes. Times will automatically be converted to decimal format on your report. For example, if you entered 1 hour and 30 minutes, this will display on your report as 1.5 hours.


How do I get a copy of my report?

When you finish entering all of your report details and submit your report to us, you will be given the opportunity to print/save a PDF copy of your report on the Report Confirmation page. You will also receive a confirmation by email and the PDF copy of the report will be attached. If you accidentally delete your report confirmation email, contact us at and we can re-send your report to you.


OSHA eStore


How do I pay for my OSHA Cards?

Every time you submit an Outreach Training Program Report, you receive an email confirmation that contains a link to pay for the cards in the OSHA eStore. You can also go directly to the OSHA eStore and select the correct type of card.


How much do OSHA Cards cost?

  • New OSHA 10-hr and 30-hr student course completion cards are $8 each.
  • Replacement student cards are $20 each (includes Fedex shipping).
  • Replacement trainer cards are $20 each (includes Fedex shipping).

Can students and trainers upgrade from the old paper card to the new plastic card?

Yes, however the old card must be returned to us first, and replacement student cards cannot be issued for classes that took place more than 3 years ago. Visit the OSHA eStore and choose Replacement Cards. Additional policy information and restrictions for each type of replacement card can be found on the product page in the eStore.

What is my username and password in the OSHA eStore?

On your first visit to our OSHA eStore, you can choose to create a new account or continue as a guest when prompted during the payment process. Usernames and passwords previously used in our old store “IEShop” will not work in this new eStore because they are two completely different e-commerce software systems. If you have set up an account but forgot your username or password, you can click on “Forgot Password” to have it reset when trying to log in.

What methods of payment are accepted in the OSHA eStore?

Currently, we can only accept payment by credit card online. The eStore will accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. For security purposes, you will be asked to enter the exact billing address for the credit card. If the address or zip code is not correct, the credit card transaction will fail. Please ask your bank for assistance in determining the correct billing address.


Outreach Training Classes & Records


Where can I find the most current required curriculum for Intro to OSHA and other presentations?

All materials that were included on your memory stick in class, along with any updated information can be found on the secure area of the OSHA Outreach Trainer Portal. Go to your OSHA Outreach Trainer Portal and and click on the box for “Access Outreach Training Resources” to find downloadable materials and links.

What records are required to be kept for all OSHA Outreach Classes?

Trainers are required to keep these records for a period of 5 years and provide them if asked by the Southeastern OTI Education or OSHA as part of an audit.

  • Dated sign-in sheets with a printed name and signature of each student for each day class is held
  • Student home or business address
  • Topic Outline (Agenda) that shows the dates as well as start and end times of each topic and break
  • Guest trainer credentials including which topics they taught and when
  • Makeup Training documentation (see question on Makeup Training for more details)
  • Copies of student completion cards when received from the Southeastern OTI Education Center (PRIOR to distribution to students)

What are the requirements for conducting makeup training, requesting cards and recordkeeping for makeup students?

The following items need to be remembered when conducting makeup training:

  • Student must have completed at least 50% of contact hours in the originally scheduled class to be eligible for makeup training;
  • Outreach Trainer must document on the original class sign-in sheets that the student did not complete the class and why;
  • Makeup training must be completed with 6 months of the original class start date;
  • Makeup training may be performed by the same trainer OR another outreach trainer if coordinated by the primary trainer (primary trainer is responsible for setting agenda and all recordkeeping and reporting);
  • Students may complete the makeup training with a guest trainer who conducted the portion of training missed, as long as this part of the training is coordinated by the primary Outreach Trainer and the student has access to the primary Outreach trainer for any follow-up questions;
  • Makeup training for fewer than 3 students is allowed.

The following items need to be submitted to to support card requests for ALL makeup students:

  • A separate report must be submitted for makeup students – DO NOT ADD MAKEUP STUDENTS to another class report even if they participated in a portion of that class;
  • Provide the original Report ID so we can verify the student was not listed as having completed the class;
  • Student contact information (at minimum, home or business address);
  • Reason the student was unable to complete the Outreach training as originally scheduled;
  • Topics and contact hours completed during initial training and name of Outreach Trainer and guest trainers;
  • Topics and contact hours completed during make-up sessions and name of Outreach Trainer and guest trainers;
  • Sign-in sheets from all original and makeup sessions attended by the student.



Audits & Training Observations

As part of its ongoing program evaluation and quality assurance process, the Southeastern OTI Education Center is required by the OSHA Directorate of Training and Education to conduct periodic reviews of Outreach Training course documentation and training activities. These audits are designed to ensure that Outreach Trainers are conducting their classes and keeping records in accordance with OSHA Outreach Training Program Requirements and Procedures.

If your class records are being audited, you will receive an email notification from Respond as soon as you see the notice to acknowledge receipt. Take note of the audit due date and follow the instructions carefully in the email notification to be sure that you are submitting documentation or providing advance notice of your upcoming classes in the manner required. Notify immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

When the audit is complete, you will receive a summary letter which may include recommendations or required follow-up action items. Audits can sometimes take upwards of a couple of months depending on how many audits are in progress and whether or not instructions were followed when submitting documentation. Observations may take longer because they are dependent on schedule coordination. We are obligated to report all audit findings to the OSHA Directorate of Training & Education and they may follow up if they have further questions or concerns.



  1. Regularly review the Outreach Training Program Requirements and Procedures (Construction, General Industry, Disaster Site).
  2. Review this training checklist prior to conducting each class to ensure your training plan will meet the program requirements.
  3. Since you are required to prepare and keep an agenda that shows the start and end times of each topic and break for every class, feel welcome to send your agenda to at any time to be sure that it complies with the OSHA Outreach Training Program. (If we are observing a class as part of an audit, we will request this in advance of the class.)
  4. Take advantage of the sign-in sheet, roster and certificate templates we provide on your memory sticks and on the trainer portal. These have all been designed to help you comply with the Outreach Training Program Requirements.
  5. Email if you are ever unsure about the requirements or audit instructions.



If you have been selected for a monitoring visit and must provide advance notice of all of your Outreach Training classes, please complete the notification form online at:


More questions coming soon!

Email us at for assistance. Visit OSHA’s Frequently Asked Questions for more info.