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Glenn C. Clapp EFO, CHMM, CFPS

Safety and Health Specialist

Email: | Phone: 919-515-2358

Glenn C. Clapp EFO, CHMM, CFPS


Glenn Clapp, an IES safety and health specialist, is an authorized OSHA outreach trainer for general industry. He provides solutions to industry clients in areas such as general industry occupational safety, hazardous materials and other related topics. Glenn has over twenty-three years of experience in the fire service, emergency management and occupational safety disciplines and has served in roles such as firefighter, chief fire officer, fire department safety officer and municipal emergency manager. Glenn has also served as an adjunct instructor for multiple community colleges and has consulted with industries in the areas of occupational safety and emergency management. Glen is also a hazardous materials technician, specialist, and OSHA on-scene incident commander. Glenn possesses a B.S. in fire and safety engineering technology from the University of Cincinnati, a M.S. in occupational safety from East Carolina University and a graduate certificate from UNC-Chapel Hill in Community preparedness and disaster management. In addition, Glenn is an executive fire officer, certified hazardous materials manager and certified fire protection specialist.