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Ramona Herring

Human Resources Specialist

Email: | Phone: 919.513.2117

Ramona Herring


Ramona Herring is the Human Resources Specialist in Industry Expansion (IES) Solutions at North Carolina State University. She received a Career Diploma in February 2022 from Penn Foster College for the Administrative Assistant Program and an associate degree in Business Administration from Central Carolina Community College in Sanford, North Carolina. Ramona began her career with the State of North Carolina in 1998, spending most of her years of service on the campus of North Carolina State University beginning in June 2000 in the Agricultural Extension Education Department. She later transferred to University Communications and Marketing, where she served for seventeen years, performing a variety of administrative, HR, and customer service duties. Ramona enjoys helping others in any way she can by offering assistance or knowledge gained from the many hats she has worn.