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Annual Report 2019-20

Goal 4: Clients & Stakeholders

At the heart of it all is you—our clients and stakeholders. Every day we come to work with a single question in mind: how can we better serve you and the multiple industries across the state of North Carolina?

In 2019–20, IES:

  • Utilized internal resources to work more closely with colleagues at the College of Engineering to better execute the mission of the university
  • Supported a Client Engagement Team, applying best practices around client interactions
  • Implemented Customer Care initiatives to ensure effective preventive or corrective action response to the voice of the customer from feedback through survey, course evaluations, and correspondence
  • Delivered approximately 291 industry fee-for-service projects, utilizing 30 IES Extension Specialists and Regional Managers
  • Delivered 89 open enrollment courses, and workshops for a total of 31,181 contract hours, serving 1,432 students
  • Offered seven online courses serving 67 virtual students

In all, IES recognized approximately $1.49M in fees for industry project services and $986,870 in open enrollment and professional learning state appropriated receipts.


Sales Performance

Product Area


Management Systems and Quality:


Business Growth and Innovation:


Leadership and Organizational Development


Open Enrollment and Online Courses:


Environmental Health and Safety:


Process Optimization-Manufacturing and Related for Profit:


Process Optimization-Health Care, Government, NonProfit:


Evaluation Services and Resource Development:



Federal Grants and Contracts

IES was also awarded the following federal grants and contracts during the 2019–2020 calendar year, including:

Grant Title

Government Entity

Year Awarded

Award Amount



* The Robotics/Automation and Cybersecurity Knowledge Sharing Coordination Network (TRACKS-CN)

The National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education Program




Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center for the State of North Carolina

National Institute for Standards and Technology Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program



Ongoing Co op. Agreement

NC Manufacturing Emergency Assistance Program




Co op.



*  The NSF Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program funds projects that focus on the education of technicians for high-technology fields.  NC State Industry Expansion Solutions and NCMEP are anticipated to receive $443,619 to support an NSF ATE Coordination Network project entitled “The Robotics/Automation and Cybersecurity Knowledge Sharing Coordination Network”, (TRACKS-CN) sometime in 2020.