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How to Recover From a Cyber Attack

There are many articles on how to prevent cyber attacks from happening to your organization and the proactive steps you must take to prevent a hacker from stealing your clients or your company’s sensitive information. But what if it’s already happened to you? Not taking the proper measures after your organization has been hacked may hurt your reputation and affect the loyalty of your existing customers.

To help with your cybersecurity concerns, North Carolina Industry Expansion Solutions offers a FREE Cybersecurity Awareness and Education Toolkit. The purpose of the toolkit is to assist you with your compliance initiatives to the new DoD requirements. 


Interested in becoming a Baldrige Examiner?

Serving on the NCAfE Board of Examiners is a powerful professional development experience. Examiner training empowers employees to apply the Baldrige framework at their own jobs, improving processes and results along the way. Check out the deadlines and learn more→


Ready to apply for NCAfE?

Is your company applying the principles of the Baldrige Excellence Framework and actively engaged in the performance excellence journey? If so, you may be ready to apply for the North Carolina Awards for Excellence (NCAfE) Program, the top state-level recognition presented to an organization that has demonstrated, the highest level of performance excellence. 


How To Make Your Business More Sustainable in 2020

It is more important now than ever for manufacturers to be conscious of the effect their production has on the environment. The Sustainability Impact Report revealed over 60% of greenhouse gas emissions, 66% of tropical deforestation and 80% of global water use are direct consequences of the global supply chain. It’s possible for an organization to evaluate stages of the supply chain including: production, shipping and waste management processes and eliminate unnecessary manufacturing byproduct. Learn More→ 


10 Ways NIST Helps to Advance Manufacturing

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has come a long way since its founding in 1901. In 1915, NIST tests showed that nearly 80% of the rail scales on railroads were off by almost 4%. Railroad companies fixed this problem which resulted in safer and more efficient railway travel. In 1988, NIST established the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) a nationwide network that serves to help solve manufacturer challenges and pinpoint opportunities for improvement. Now, NIST has 10 ways they help manufacturers move forward into the future.


3 Trends That Will Drive Industry 4.0 in 2020—and Beyond

Industry 4.0 is the progression towards automation and data exchange within manufacturing. While Industry 3.0 included the integration of computers in manufacturing, Industry 4.0 addresses modern-day industry concerns by using processes like cyber-physical systems (CPS), the internet of things (IoT), industrial internet of thing (IIOT), cloud computing and more. Experts predict there are 3 trends that will propel Industry 4.0 in 2020.


Quest For Excellence Conference

The 32nd Annual Quest for Excellence Conference is being held on March 24-27, 2020 at Gaylord Harbor in National Harbor, MD near Washington, DC. Come learn from former and current Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipients and gain invaluable knowledge on issues concerning leadership, strategy, customers, measurement, analysis and knowledge, workforce and operations. Prepare to take back solutions that may help your organization get to the next level. The Early Bird discount ends Feb. 20, 2020.


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