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Did you know that there are currently more than 2300 grant funding opportunities posted on alone? And those are only federal grants—there are countless other grants available from community and private foundations, whose combined funding totaled $54.7 billion in 2013, according to the Foundation Center.

These grants span an incredibly diverse range of topic areas, aiming to fund projects like secure cyberspaces, conservation cooperatives and initiatives in workforce development. Most have very specific requirements—for example, the grantee might need to be a nonprofit, or might have to be located within an urban center. Sifting and sorting through these numerous grant opportunities can quickly become a full-time job, and most grant-seeking organizations can’t afford full-time grants managers. Consequently, organizations often rush to apply without performing due diligence, resulting in a poor grantee/funder match and a denied grant application.

That kind of approach wastes everyone’s time and energy.

Having seasoned, trained grant managers on your side can increase your chances of winning the funding that you need to support your organization and its mission. Our professional staff are experienced at effectively matching the focus of your organization with an appropriate grant’s eligibility criteria. Since we constantly operate in the world of grant services, we become aware of new opportunities early and often.

The result? You’re more competitive for the opportunities presented to you, and your staff stays focused on their own core tasks.

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