Innovation is no longer an optional strategy

Do you find yourself caught up in cost cutting measures that never lead to real business growth? Are you trying to do more with less? There is a way to increase the speed of innovation while decreasing risk with Innovation Engineering.

With Innovation Engineering, you can create breakthrough ideas using a systematic, repeatable process.  If your organization isn’t innovating, you can be sure someone else is.

Innovation Engineering is designed to accelerate a continuous flow of innovation—big or small—to address your department, division or company’s important problems and opportunities. The process may be used on major innovation projects that have a dramatic impact on sales and profits or on minor projects that help transform the culture.

IES can help companies by generating fresh ideas for innovative new products and arm you with low-cost strategies for creating profitable products and services. Some of our specific services include:

  • Innovation Engineering 3-day Green Belt
    The 3-day Green Belt class includes both video-based pre-work, classroom exercises with coaching tailored to develop new ideas for your specific  business.
  • Innovation Engineering 12-week Jump Start
    Want to test-drive the Innovation Engineering system before committing to the full program?  Our 12-week Jump Start program will give you a taste of the benefits that lie ahead.

For more information about our customized innovation and growth services and to learn more about solutions to address your unique needs, please contact us today!

And back by popular demand, IES is pleased to announce three Innovation Management workshops in 2016. Click here for more information.

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