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About This Event/Product:

IES offers a 6-10 session ISO 14001 implementation program we call the “Technical Assistance Program” or TAP. IES will provide training and other assistance, at your facility, for each session, so your company can develop their Environmental Management System (EMS) in order to achieve ISO 14001 registration.

Participants Will:

Progress from having no EMS to being ISO 14001:2015 certified.


Classroom training will focus on developing your EMS and achieving ISO 14001:2015 registration.

  1. Environmental Policy & Environmental Aspects
  2. EMS Roles and Responsibilities & Environmental Aspects
  3. Environmental Legal Requirements
  4. Operational Controls & Key Characteristics
  5. Targets and Objectives
  6. Training Needs, Competency
  7. Potential Emergencies, Communication
  8. Corrective Action
  9. Processes and Procedures as required
  10. Auditor Training
  11. Auditor Training and Audits

Guidance in how to implement an EMS in a manufacturing workplace (team facilitation, employee training, etc).

A pre-class plant visit by the instructor to become acquainted with your processes and environmental concerns.

Procedure templates and other tools (software, manuals, etc.) for EMS development.

You are encouraged to complete course work between sessions so you can meet development milestones and complete your EMS by the end of the TAP.

Recommended For:

Company employees who are responsible for acquiring ISO 14001 registration for their company. Typically this is a team of individuals (3-10 employees). The Internal Auditor training will be included as a classroom session if so desired.