Our agility sets us apart from other grant services teams, who often take a one-size-fits-all approach.

The demand for grant-funded program accountability is rising, as grant stakeholders and/or funding sources want to understand how programs are working compared to the plans laid out in original grant proposals. Third-party evaluation is an important service in assessing implementation of proposed program activities and evaluating the achievement of stated goals.

Based on your needs and a your project’s parameters, we choose a quality system framework to guide the development of a sound and systematic evaluation plan. This may include pre-intervention assessments, logic models and preliminary evaluation design, formative and summative evaluation processes, developmental evaluation perspectives, post-intervention assessments and plans and/or capacity building for long-term self evaluation and growth.

Then, we connect objective research questions with your workplan activities. This highly specialized process brings together objective-oriented evaluation questions with your goals and activities, and allows us to be uniquely responsive to your needs.

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