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Cybersecurity: Planning for Resiliency

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity processes and technologies help protect systems from unauthorized access and cyber crime. It is the protection of devices, applications and data that are part of an interconnected system.

Why does it matter?

Businesses with a strong cybersecurity plan are able to identify and mitigate risks and respond to threats and attacks, allowing them to reduce downtime and costs often associated with a cyber attack.

Where will it take me?

Cybersecurity planning will raise the role of security in an organization, allowing you to ensure that all employees, including business leaders, take part in keeping your data, devices, applications, and processes protected from disruption.

Cybersecurity Spotlights

Cybersecurity: Drive Awareness and Education

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DFARS Cybersecurity Requirement and CMMC

Learn more about requirements for DoD prime and sub-contractors.

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Cybersecurity Crime Statistics – Did You Know?

43% of cyber attacks hit small businesses

Downtime due to a cyber breach accounts for an average of $1.6 million in losses

50% of small and mid-sized businesses reported at least one cyber attack last year

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